War Thunder shows the AH-1G

After announcing helicopters would finally be a part of the fleet, War Thunder is showing us what's coming up and today they presented the AH-1G.

War Thunder AH-1G

The helicopter, which will be part of the 1.81 update, The chin turret looks odd for an AH-1 and you are probably used to the huge gatling gun but, being the AH-1G, it's exactly what you'd find on the model.

On the official website, you can read more about the real helicopter. At the bottom of that page you can also check the other helicopters that are to be available: the UH-1C, Mi-4, AH-1F (with the long gatling gun), and Mi-24.

War Thunder AH-1G War Thunder AH-1G War Thunder AH-1G War Thunder AH-1G

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