VSKYLABS is one of those developers that you immediately identify as being part of a niche. They have been releasing great-quality products (helicopters are also in their catalog, of course) but they have always pursued aircraft that may be a bit different.

The company has announced that they are now developing a new ultralight helicopter: the Hungarocopter HC-02.

Hungarocopter HC-02

The HC-02 is a two-seat piston helicopter that was designed and manufactured in (you guessed it) Hungary.

It is equipped with composite rotor blades, a powerful engine, a steel frame, and a fuel tank with a capacity of 60 liters, which is larger than many other helicopters in its class.

It can carry up to 580kg, and its maximum speed (VNE) is 110 Kts with a cruising speed of 90-95 Kts, making it quite fast for such a small helicopter.

One of the most interesting features is the Electric Rescue System (ERS). The ERS is designed to help the pilot land the helicopter safely, even in adverse weather conditions, by providing extra power to the rotor in case of an engine failure. Very cool!

Hungarocopter HC-02

VSKYLABS is bringing this very interesting little machine to X-Plane 12 with the help of the manufacturer, so we can expect a high degree of fidelity both visually, and in flight dynamics.

As of now, there is no estimated date of release. Until then, you can always check out the real deal at the manufacturer’s official website.

I don't know about you but I want to get one of these in real life now :|