VSKYLABS updates helicopters towards X-Plane 11.40 experimental flight model

The models, which were already compatible with the flight model, got revamped to take advantage of the latest changes in X-Plane.

VSKYLABS Revolution Mini-500

If you know VSKYLABS, it should be no surprise to you that the team is always updating their products. They are very active and very eager to have their customers up-to-date with the latest versions of X-Plane.

They are no working on updating all their models (literally, all of them) so that they are X-Plane 11.40 compatible.

X-Plane 11.40 brought some serious changes to the experimental flight model upon which VSKYLABS models rely. These changes obviously forced the company to address them properly.


And so they did. VSKYLABS just released a list of aircraft which were updated already. In this list you'll find the two helicopters they have available right now: the Cabri G2 and the Revolution Mini-500.

Here's the full list (helicopters are noted in bold):

  • VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U15 v5.2
  • VSKYLABS Contraventus v2.1
  • VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX v5.4
  • VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ v1.6
  • VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 v1.5
  • VSKYLABS Revolution Mini-500 v1.4
  • VSKYLABS Flight Design CTLS v1.1
  • VSKYLABS Scheibe SF-25C Falke v1.3

VSKYLABS also states that "*ALL* of these projects are now to be flown with X-Plane 11.40+ cutting edge Experimental Flight Model enabled".

With the exception of the Contraventus, all of the aircraft in the list above should autoupdate, so you may see some warnings the next time you boot up a VSKYLABS aircraft.

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