VSKYLABS R66 for X-Plane

The livery is none other than Pilot Yellow's C-GEAK R66, used in the EPIC World Tour.

On their Facebook page, VSKYLABS indicated the following:

The VSKYLABS Robinson R66 Turbine is a fully featured R66 simulation, equipped with a recent (later) cockpit panel configuration along with Garmin based glass cockpit display, allowing all-weather IFR training capabilities, fully featured Auto-Pilot system which is including HDG/ALT/NAV/VNV/BC/APR and attitude modes. The VSKYLABS R66 is also including an Auxiliary fuel system.

The R66 systems are covered thoroughly to include highly defined rotor and drive systems, hydraulic flight controls system, Anti ice systems and more.

Project is designed for VR operations.

This is the kind of surprises I love.

Check out the presentation video below.