The company announced they are using Pro Flight Trainer's controls as their main testing hardware. Could this mean PFT users will have profiles specific for the VSKYLABS helicopters? That would be very nice!

Here's the full Press-Release:

Münsingen, Switzerland – January 10, 2022.

VSKYLABS, one of the premiere helicopter developers for Laminar Research’s X-Plane, has announced that they are now using the Pro Flight trainer Puma X – the latest iteration of Pro Flight Trainer’s flagship product for helicopter flight simulation.

The company will be using the control system as “the main and standard-hardware equipment for development and testing in X-Plane”.

VSKYLABS will also begin to include “detailed X-Plane settings recommendations for each one of the VSKYLABS helicopters”.

Pro Flight Trainer is very proud to see their products once again in the frontline of the development of excellent products for flight simulation enthusiasts.

“Companies such as VSKYLABS are genuinely concerned about offering great solutions for their clients. VSKYLABS saw an opportunity to add value to their products and enjoy a high-quality, high-reliability product that they can use throughout their development process. We are very happy to be a big part of that process.”, said Christophe Niederhauser, Development Manager for Pro Flight Trainer.

About Pro Flight Trainer

Pro Flight Trainer LLC is a high-tech company that has been producing a developing high quality simulator flight controls and helicopter simulator accessories since 2006.

The company is based in Switzerland with Team Members around the world flying helicopters commercially and privately to provide essential design and development inputs.

Pro Flight Trainer’s passion is to provide its clients with the simulator control they have always dreamed of, without killing their budget for years.

PFT strives for excellence and high fidelity of motion to provide the best cost/quality/fidelity simulator flight controls in the world.



VSKYLABS specializes in aerospace vehicles performance analysis and design, flight simulation engineering using 'X-Plane' flight simulator, and full-scale aircraft accident and mishap investigation.

Side by side with involvement in world-wide aerospace vehicle design projects, VSKYLABS develops exciting add-on aircraft products for 'X-Plane'. The VSKYLABS Add-ons hangar for 'X-Plane' includes a wide variety of aircraft: Concept aircraft, micro-light weight-shifting hang-glider trikes, LSA/STOL, autogyros, gliders, twin turbo-props, jets, sea-planes, experimental prototypes and helicopters.

VSKYLABS offers close and highly responsive support for its add-ons product line for 'X-Plane', following decades of extensive flying and instructing experience, covering each aircraft with specific, deep and professional knowledge of operational and flying aspects.


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