VSKYLABS releases new image of their upcoming R66, gives more details

The company keeps teasing the Robinson turbine helicopter as the date of release nears. But it’s not coming out soon enough!

VSKYLABS R66 for X-Plane

VSKYLABS has been torturing for the past few weeks with images of the first Robinson helicopter they will be releasing. The latest image (kindly sent to us by them in advance) shows a shiny helicopter (although with the same registration as the black C-GEAK they have shown).

We still have no details about the floats, though, and I am really curious to see if they will work on this model (there’s something about floats and adds a sense of safety when crossing water beds, isn’t there?).

VSKYLABS is aiming to offer a “comprehensive R66 simulation, including fully wired electrical system and CB panel, hydraulic system for the controls (it is possible to practice non-hydraulic boosted controls as well).

By using the new free turbine control of X-Plane, the company also managed to develop a “fully operational free turbine turbo shaft RR300 simulation, coupled with a power turbine governor which is operational via throttle control.”. The whole engine startup procedure is being simulated and you will need to be careful about hot start situations. The R66 Fuel system was also already modeled accurately, including the auxiliary fuel tank.

When asked about the flight model, VSKYLABS said that it was “created in a very early stages of development, and it is being defined and refined continuously. The VSKYLABS R66 is demonstrating a very good R66 in-flight performance and handling characteristics throughout the flight envelope, and it is a joy to fly.

VSKYLABS still hasn’t indicated a release date but they have told us that “it will be available very soon”.

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