VSKYLABS is developing a helicopter training scenery for X-Plane

The fictional airport will allow users to have fun with the upcoming VSKYLABS “dune buggy” (yes, you read it correctly, a car) but it is mainly focused on “helicopter and other STOL/VTOL operations and training”.

VSKYLABS helicopter training scenery for X-Plane

VSKYLABS calls it 'VSL Base-5' and, despite not being a replica of an existing real-world location, it is being developed “to allow realistic aircraft operations”.

You will be able to find it approximately 40nm West of Anchorage Alaska, close to the edge of Inner Lake George. Being close to a lake is also useful if you are operating with a helicopter with floats. VSKYLABS also says that “there are various landing and exploration sites in the extended area including water-based and in the nearby glacier.”

There is no date of release set yet but VSKYLABS is aiming at the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Sérgio Costa

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