VSKYLABS announces the Revolution Mini-500 for X-Plane

VSKYLABS, has annouced a new helicopter for 2019. The chosen model is the Mini 500 and it seems set to be an amazing and fun little creation.

After the Cabri G2, VSKYLABS is already getting ready for a second adventure in the helicopter flight simulation department. This time with an unorthodox machine.

The Revolution Mini-500 is a single engine, single-seat home-built kit helicopter that came up on the 1990s and was sold up until 1999.

The company was founded by Dennis L. Fetters which, until then, had been manufacturing autogyros. Fetters been said to have had revolutionizes and owned the autogyro market.

Here's the full release by VSKYLABS:

The 1st release of the 2019 VSKYLABS Road-Map announcement!

Although the VSKYLABS 2019 development and releases road map is mostly including fixed winged airplanes (and a comprehensive Gyro-Plane project as well) I am VERY excited to announce that the VSKYLABS 1st expected release for 2019 is a Helicopter!

It is the Revolution Mini-500!

The Revolution Mini-500 is an American single seat light helicopter, designed and built in the 90's by Dennis Fetters, as a home-built kit. It is a natural VSKYLABS model selection!

Development approach for this project for X-Plane 11 would be as if it is a real home-built effort, similar to the process done with the VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project, meaning that it is designed and developed with a practical engineering/experimental approach along with the needed home-built materials and references and with an extensive research behind it.

The Revolution Mini-500 helicopter is fascinating in every level, and the project will set up a highly detailed, VR optimized and an accurate performance demonstrator, showcasing its exciting design concept and features.

More details will be released within the next couple of months.

Attached is the original Revolution Mini-500 Helicopter Demo Video (to be found at the Dennis Fetters YouTube channel).

*As with all VSKYLABS projects of real-world aircraft, the VSKYLABS development of the Revolution Mini-500 was approved by its designer, Mr. Dennis Fetter. However, it is an independent project which is not affiliated with the 'Fetters Aerospace Company'.

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