And by all, we do mean all of them. All the aircraft. All the helicopters.

VSKYLABS has some great helicopters for X-Plane. Their catalog ranges from the widely used R-44, the Robinson sole turbine helicopter, the R-66 to the less-known or less-used experimental helicopters such as the Mini-500 or the Cicare-8, for example. Or even cool autogyros such as the Tensor 600X or the VSL B-8M project.

VSKYLABS got itself into quite an interesting niche inside X-Plane by covering simpler and more exotic helicopters but that doesn’t mean they are less interesting. Quite the opposite. The flight dynamics are pretty good and these helicopters are very fun to fly.

You can now get them at 50% off so make sure you take advantage of the prices. If you are an X-Plane user, jump to their website and check it out!