VPForce Rhino

Well, it is a big product. Sidewise at least, you will notice it’s quite… Massive, when compared with other units.

But VPForce promises to deliver big in an area that, despite having its glory moments a couple of decades ago or so, has gone dark but not forgotten: force feedback (FF).

This is not a review of the product (I have never tried one of these units) but rather a way to raise our community’s attention to it. I can’t vouch for it, of course, but I hope that, at least, some of you may find it interesting. Especially since VPForce mentions helicopters a few times in their (WIP) manual.

The VPForce Rhino is quite big as I mentioned, and the company stresses that out. Measuring 205mm (side) x 180mm (side) x 290mm (height), or 8in (side) x 7in (side) x 11.4in (height) for our Imperial-unit friends, it’s not a small unit for sure.

VPForce Rhino

VPForce has their own software and the base is compatible with quite a few grips. It supports Thrustmaster and VIRPIL natively and, through an adapter, you can mount VKB and Winwing grips.

As for the software, VPForce mentions native support using DirectInput FFB with DCS, while MSFS and X-Plane can also be used but through an external piece of software.

The VPForce Rhino is able of a full set of different effects, which allows for the simulation of trim/force trim for helicopters.

The manual offers a good overview of the use of the stick with DCS, going as deep as showing the settings for the AH-64D Apache, the Huey, the Ka-50 Black Shark and the Mi-8.

VPForce Rhino

Being a work in progress document, it does have sections for MSFS, P3D and X-Plane but, unfortunately, these are not complete or have no text at all yet.

The fact that these sections exist does give me hope that the base will work with these sims in the future but how well, we don’t know yet.

You can find more information on the VPForce Rhino at the official website or join their Discord Server.