VIRPIL VPC Control Panels

If you recently saw our review on the VPC Control Panel #1, there’s a chance you could be interested in getting one of those panels.

VIRPIL decided to give you a nudge and the company is having a sale on the VPC Control Panel line.

Starting today and until October 31, 2021, the VPC Control Panels will be at 10% off discount. But VIRPIL went even a bit further. If you get both the VPC Control Panel #1 and the Control Panel #2 will double that discount.

VIRPIL VPC Control Panels

Yep, you can get both panels at a 20% discount.

This is starting to look like the TV-shop thing but wait, there’s even more!

If you purchase either the VPC Control Panel #1 or the Control Panel #2, you will get a unique 10% discount code for the upcoming VPS Control Panel #3.

VIRPIL VPC Control Panel #3

According to VIRPIL, “the VPC Control Panel #3 is estimated to be available on the VIRPIL Controls Worldwide Webstore in November 2021”.

VIRPIL is not making it easy on us, is it?

Check out the thread on the official VIRPIL forums for more details.