VIRPIL Helicopter Controls Sale

VIRPIL is definitely putting the rotorheads front and center. Today, on their forum, they have announced the introduction of helicopter races in their DCS World Servers. The “VPC Helicopter Race Servers”.

Virtual pilots can track their times on a portal the company has just released as well.

The races have specific rules, such as no-ammo, limited amount of fuel, among other things that will, obviously, help make it all a bit fairer for everyone.

On top of this, the company is also doing a “flash promotion for selected helicopter devices in the VIRPIL Controls Worldwide Webstore”.

Until October 11, 2021 at 11:59PM, you will be able to purchase VIRPIL helicopter controls, as well as a few other products with a 10% discount. Not only this, the discount stacks with the usual bundle discounts VIRPIL usually does, so this is really a great opportunity to get some nice controls at a nicer price.

You can find these deals in a special page the company has set up for this sale.

In case you are wondering about these controls, you’re in luck as we have reviewed a few of these: