While the “2024 and beyond” video didn’t bring a huge amount of new information (yes, there is some new stuff in there but no actual surprises), Eagle Dynamics released their newsletter where, among other things, they let us know the current state of the CH-47F Chinook for DCS.

The company states the following:

Much of the 2023 CH-47F work focused on the creation of the external model, cockpit/cargo models as well as systems and FM. The model now accurately reflects a US Army CH-47 from the mid-2000s. Much of the work now involves the finalisation of the flight dynamics and flight control system, along with the many multi-function display pages and sub-pages. As with all DCS aircraft since the Ka-50, the CH-47 will have fully modelled electrical, hydraulic, fuel, and other systems that exist within the simulation as “live” systems to manage voltage, pressure, flow rates, temperatures and all other operational systems. To support advancements in the DCS logistical system, the CH-47F will also be equipped with cargo and sling management capabilities as well as defensive gun positions.

The 2 upcoming desert maps are also mentioned: Afghanistan and Iraq, which are a welcome addition for those wanting to simulate scenarios in more recent conflicts.