Helix Collective Ka-32 for X-Plane

A couple of years ago, the Helix Collective was announced as a project coming from the HeliSimer.com community for the community.

The goal was to produce a freeware Kamov Ka-32 for X-Plane and the development team had been assembled by gathering some community members, which already have experience in the field.

Unfortunately, as with many things that have been started or ongoing at that time, Covid-19 happened, hell broke loose, everyone’s focus shifted, and the project stopped.

Some time ago, though, as things got better and a bit easier for everyone, things started moving once again. Of course, there are still constraints, mostly coming from the fact that this is not the team’s main project – everyone has their daily jobs – but the project is moving at the possible speed.

A website was now created as well, where you can see the progress on the project, get to know the team and check out some screenshots. This website will be updated over time. In fact, the goal is to periodically add more content (mostly screenshots) and update the progress report as work continues. You can visit that website/page here.

To keep in the loop, visit that website regularly or follow us on Facebook or Twitter if that’s easier for you since we’ll post updates there as well.

Of course, there’s no release date planned at this time, but do keep in touch as progress continues.