JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

JRX is still waiting for X-Plane 12 to come out as a final or stable version. Until that happens, and because further X-Plane updates may break products as we go, the team is not releasing their helicopters for the new version in an official way.

But you can still use the helicopters in X-Plane 12 as JRX has released a patch, that you must apply to your helicopter.

JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

This update includes some of the new X-Plane features:

  • Rain effect on all windows.
  • Wiper Functionality with rain.
  • Re-mapped exterior glass and artwork.
  • X-Plane 12 aircraft lighting. (Day and Night).
  • New custom strobe and beacon light timing.
  • X-Plane 12 engine governor.

Simon Rowe has released these notes and further instructions on the .org forums, as well as a link for you to download a .zip file with the patch.

JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

You will need to copy or install the X-Plane 11 version into your X-Plane 12 installation and then apply the update in the zip. That means to copy all files inside the Bo-105 folder you copied/installed.

If you already own the Bo-105, that’s all you have to do. If not, you can purchase it at the .org store.