Even if you are not a fan of the design, the Bell 505 is, admittedly, one of the most advanced helicopters in the world and, according to its pilots, a fantastic successor of Bell’s 206 JetRanger. In fact, the 505 is known as the JetRanger X.

It’s not surprising that we have had quite a few helicopter fans asking for this model.

While George Arana, the man behind Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations released his rendition of the 505 for FSX and P3D, Tom Woods, who is the author behind the amazing freeware Bell 429 and the EPI mod for the X-Trident Bell 412, both for X-Plane, is working on the X-Plane version.

In his most recent video, Tom gives us a tour of the 3D model, shows us the amazing work he has been doing on the custom G1000H, and demonstrates the startup and shutdown procedures. And, of course, a small flight is present as well for us to enjoy a bit of this little helicopter as it soars through the air. Or tries not to dismantle itself due to vibrations like all helicopters.

Tom did not indicate any release date but the 505 seems to be in a pretty advanced shape already. You can check out the video above and enjoy the successor of the JetRanger.