Tom Woods’ 407GX modification cancelled

The company that owns the model (not DreamFoil Creations) shut the project down by not allowing it to be distributed.

Tom Woods’ 407GX modification cancelled

Please note that it was NOT DreamFoil Creations that is not allowing the modification to be released. We'd like to make that crystal clear.

Only after a few days of showing off his work with the DreamFoil Creations 407, which would be released as a free modification for the community, Tom Woods just let us know the project was scrapped.

Contacted by the company that owns the rights of the model, permission for the modification to be released for the X-Plane helicopter was denied, even as a free modification for which the user would require to purchase DreamFoil Creations’ product.

The company in question is not DreamFoil Creations, though. Apparently DreamFoil licensed the model to be used on X-Plane and this company, which licensed the Bell 407 model, is the one not allowing Tom Woods to release the modification to the community.

Frustrating? Oh, yes. Very much, indeed.

Sérgio Costa

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