One of the things that I’ve always mentioned about Thrustmaster products was the lack of ability to customize them, but also the fact that the interiors were always predominantly made out of plastic.

Well, not anymore. At least not with their newest product.

The AVA base (Advanced Versatile Aviation) comes with an all-metal interior and a few customization options. Some of which we have already seen on other brands. But they have a new one, which is quite interesting and something I have thought about in the past as well.

With the AVA you will be able to select a spring (for strength), and a cam, which will change the axes' behavior and accentuate or diminish the “center” feeling but it also comes with 3 different plates to reduce the axes' travel – 30, 36 and 43 degrees of movement.

The springs are adjustable, and we will also be able to offset the stick from the base for increased comfort.

Thrustmaster states it features “state-of-the-art technology” and it will provide us with “unparalleled precision and responsiveness”.

We will be able to choose the grip, so we are not limited to one.

Find more about the Thrustmaster AVA base at the official website.