Taog’s Hangar Huey for MSFS

About a year ago (wow, already?) we heard that Taog’s Hangar had decided to stop development on the UH-1 and develop a Bell 210 instead.

Meanwhile, the developer had another change of heart and the original plan was resumed. But with a twist.

Taog’s Hangar Huey for MSFS

Taog’s Hangar gathered a team of pilots, aerodynamics engineers, and other professionals related to the Huey and got to work on a product that is comprised of 3 versions:

  • UH-1H Military
  • 205-A1 Civilian (basically the 210 without the long nose – so the 210 is not really abandoned)
  • 205-A1 High Skids

Taog’s Hangar told me there will be 35 attachment options, split between the versions for things like (functional) water tanks, guns, etc. But these attachments will be available only where they make sense.

You will not be able to attach the water tank to the military version or add guns to the civilian one, for example.

Taog’s Hangar Huey for MSFSTaog’s Hangar Huey for MSFS

As far as the flight model goes, the team says that they are “pushing the boundaries of what has been done previously within the CFD of MSFS”. They continue by saying that “everyone in the team truly believes that the CFD is a mega-powerful tool just needs to be understood and used correctly”.

Taog’s Hangar Huey for MSFS

Oh and “especially with SU15's new features we are really bringing something new to the table”, they added.

I am honestly curious to see what the CFD can do and what the team has managed to do.

Taog’s Hangar Huey for MSFS

Taog’s Hangar Huey shall be released “soon” after SU15 comes out. Some more testing will have to be done once that happens, but the team is confident that it should be a quick release.