So far, Super Traffic Board was only available for FSX. Flying W Simulation finally released the version for Prepar3D which you can get at SimMarket for around $28. If you already own STB for FSX, though, you can get the P3D version with a 50% discount.

Super Traffic Board features

Straight from the official website:

  • Interactive airport passenger style flight information board listing both “AI” flights as they happen and the user’s aircraft, with much more for both pilots and observers.
  • Supports all popular AI packages. Customizable configuration data included for Just Flight TrafficX and TrafficX 360, MyTrafficX, ORBX FTX AI, Ultimate Traffic 2 (UT2, FSX Version only) and World of AI.  UT2 support developed in cooperation with Flight1 Software enabling STB to shows departure and arrival times, and airport names for all UT2 flights.  No other AI add-on can do this, not even FSX Traffic Toolbox Explorer.
  • See arrivals and departures at the same time with the new split screen facility.
  • Just like at a real airport, STB displays both flights currently active in the simulator and those scheduled to occur in the future.
  • Includes real time flight information including actual airport names, parking, runway, speed, altitude, and distance from airport.
  • All flights are categorized to Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA with their own unique  presentation.
  • Support for the popular add-on “AIRound” (FSX Version only), enabling customers to activate the exciting AI camera angles available with AIRound from the STB flight display.
  • Custom filters focus the list of flights on display, applied after your choice of airport and arrivals, departures, or “everything”.
    • Filter by operator type, e.g. show passenger flights only.
    • Filter by COM1 radio, e.g. show only those flights sharing the same radio frequency and Air Traffic Controller as the user or selected AI aircraft.


  • Automated Flight Controller Features:
    • Airspace Conflict Resolution: Detects airspace conflicts between approaching AI aircraft, and moves aircraft "breaking the rules" to an arrival stand rather than leaving them to be deleted by the simulator.
    • User Airspace Conflict Resolution: Detects airspace conflicts between the user aircraft and AI during your final approach to the airport. AI aircraft are moved to the arrival stand as necessary to clear your path to the runway.
    • Deleted Aircraft Recovery: Capture inbound aircraft that are deleted by the simulator to relieve taxi way congestion, and recreate those aircraft with a schedule at an arrival stand.
    • Stuck Aircraft Recovery: Detect and rescue aircraft that are stuck in pre/post flight support, and send them on their way. Aircraft that cannot be rescued are deleted, releasing the parking space for others.
    • Departure Control: Automatically configures departing AI aircraft to deploy flaps for “take off”.


  • Interactive Commands:
    • Approach Now!  Creates an inbound AI aircraft right now from any scheduled flight listed at the airport.
    • Arrive Now!  Deletes an inbound AI aircraft and recreates it at a parking position (useful if they are blocking your approach or taxiway).
    • Depart Now!  Order aircraft to begin their departure procedures immediately rather than at their scheduled time.
    • Listen AI:  Listen to the ATC radio communications between a selected AI Aircraft and ATC. Use in combination with the Follow AI Command and you can listen all the way from departure to arrival.
    • Optimize Traffic.  Reduce your traffic volumes dynamically for the best possible simulator performance without compromising your visual experience.
    • Flight Information.  Find out where an arrived flight is going next.
    • View AI.  See any aircraft in Flight Simulator by selecting a flight on the board.
    • Follow AI.  Automatically follow an AI aircraft around the world from departure to arrival, and on to the next leg in its schedule.
    • Chase AI.  Moves your aircraft to the vicinity of an AI aircraft, allowing you to fly "escort".
    • Delete AI.
    • Slew On/Off.  Pause and resume AI aircraft.


  • AI Aircraft taxiing out for departure automatically deploy their flaps ready for take off.
  • Supports Airline and Airport Logos for complete immersion in the experience.  Representative airline logos for popular AI packages are included, and while not included at this time airport logos can be added by the user.
  • Convert text to upper case to simulate vintage real world traffic boards.
  • Important data about each flight can be highlighted with dynamic coloring.
  • Network support included as standard. Use on a separate PC/Laptop from your main simulator computer without requiring FSUIPC of WideFS.
  • Highly customizable via a dedicated GUI.
  • 100+ Page User Guide.

 Pre-Requisites for FSX Version

Operating System

  • Operating System
    • Windows XP SP3 or later;
    • Windows 7 SP1 or later;


  • Microsoft .NET V2. And V3.5 SP1 or later, available from Windows Update.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 or Acceleration;

 Pre-Requisites for Prepar3D Version 1 & 2

  • Windows 7 SP1 or later;
  • Microsoft .NET V2, V3.5 SP1 or later and V4, available from Windows Update.
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V1.4 and/or V2


  • If STB is used on the same computer as FSX or Prepar3D V1, the simulator must be run in windowed mode.  FSX or Prepar3D may be used in full screen mode if SuperTrafficBoard  is installed on another networked computer; no additional purchase is required.
  • FSX Only: while SuperTrafficBoard is the active window, FSX temporarily disables sound. This means you may not be able to hear aircraft sounds, ATC voices, etc. until FSX becomes the active window again.  Solutions include using STB on a separate computer to FSX and the Flight1 Sound Stream add on.  For further information, click here.
  • FSX Only: Due to technical limitations, the Follow AI, Chase AI and Aircraft Recovery functions are not available for UT2 aircraft. Other AI packages are not affected.
  • UT2 support is not available with STB for Prepar3D.


super-traffic-board-01 Super Traffic Board  Super Traffic Board