You are a pilot for hire. Pass the initial test to join the company and make a profit crop dusting. Earn enough experience to unlock more mission types such as pest control, fire fighting operations, and more! Enjoy the challenge and unlock all the mission types to become an ace pilot for AirSpray!

That’s the description of the plugin and it says it all, really!

AirSpray allows you to fly jobs, get some virtual money and unlock new mission types. The plugin will not add objects to your aircraft though (so don’t expect to see a spray system if the helicopter you’re using doesn’t have one).

Here’s the official features list:

  • Visual swath spray draws on ground as you spray
  • 5 total modes and flight disciplines to unlock and master.  Crop Dusting, Weed Control, Fire Fighting, Black Fly Suppression, Mosquito Supression
  • Economic model keeps live track of income/expenses through all phases of flight
  • Compatible with most payware and freeware aircraft in X-Plane, both fixed wing and helicopter
  • Fully functional VR (Virtual Reality) compatibility
  • Custom objects such as weeds, flames, fuel truck, water-bladder for fire fighting
  • 5 unlockable modes to progress through using experience/economic system
  • Custom Sounds played when certain events/scenarios occur.
  • Penalty system when spraying out of limits and regulations
  • Simple yet comprehensive spray/tank indicator window
  • Fluid amount in tank adds correct weight to aircraft, affecting flight model
  • Challenging mission generator that will test your pilotage/navigation/low level flying ability
  • Highly optimized code for negligible frame rate impact.