SimFocus Bell 407 Improvement Mod

The very first one – which I find quite exciting – is the modification for the default Bell 407, which the team is making available for free.

The changes encompass the flight model and systems, and I have to highlight that, with the help of GotGravel, Vortex Ring State, and Retreating Blade Stall, were custom-coded into the helicopter.

Systems-wise, things such as the fix of the throttle were added, with a complete rewrite, “to allow for realistic spool up of the helicopter (transition from IDLE to FLY), while respecting torque limitations”. This means that we can now “gradually roll up the throttle while keeping the torque below 40% just like the manual says!”.

Davux3 from Hype Performance Group also helped the team and the Slip-Ball indicator instrument was also fixed.

But that’s not all. You will also find:

  • Working Title GNS530W
  • Fixes to the HSI
  • Fixes to the electrical system
  • Fixes to the hydraulic system
  • Fixes to the vacuum system
  • Custom-coded Pulse Lights
  • hPa Altimeter variant

You can find the FREE SimFocus Bell 407 Improvement Mod here.

Autogen Helipads v2

SimFocus Autogen Helipads v2

As for Autogen Helipads, we covered the first iteration some time ago, and now version 2 is available.

This new version brings worldwide rooftop helipads, hospital helipad differentiation (with hospital ground markings), and the ability to exclude helipads easily.

You can find Autogen Helipads v2 here.