Algés Heliport for P3D

Embedded by the spirit of the discoveries, Lisbon is a city filled with landmarks that make for a great landscape both in the ground and up in the air.

Surrounded by 7 hills and bathed by the Tagus River, the city is served by the longest bridge in Europe as well as a twin bridge to the Golden Gate, in San Francisco which, curiously, is sided by the "Cristo-Rei", a sort of replica of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It would be a matter of time until a civilian heliport dedicated to tourism would be built in the city. Well, not exactly inside the city, but Algés is just outside to the West. The Algés Heliport (LPJB) was built a few years ago by a private company and it's mainly used for touristic flights

Algés Heliport for P3D

The monuments in the city are fabulous and, not being a huge city -- by the US standards -- it's easy and fast to fly all around it and get to know it pretty well. Algés is pretty close to the region where the Portuguese seamen shipped to discover the world. The whole downtown is filled with great and impressive buildings.

P3D already has a few of these buildings in the default scenery (not all of them) and now you have another excuse to fly around in your cool helicopter. Considering there are a couple of other airports around (Lisbon International -- LPPT -- and Cascais -- LPCS --, where the company that owns the heliport has its headquarters, there's plenty to do around.

This is still a first version and updates should follow.

Algés Heliport for P3D Algés Heliport for P3D Algés Heliport for P3D