SA342 Gazelle for FSX and P3D

MP Design Studios, the authors of the Gazelle for FS2004 that you can find at Simmarket, are working on a FSX/P3D version and it looks amazing. It's also packed with great features:


  • Translating tendency effect
  • Transverse flow effect
  • Lift effect
  • Lost of tail rotor effectiveness


  • Realistic sound environment
  • Realistic outdoor and indoor sounds
  • Blade flapping sound effect


  • High number of polygons
  • Realistic shape and precise geometry
  • Fully animated


  • Full HD
  • Realistic paint scheme
  • Includes all labels and marks

Virtual cockpit

  • Fully clickable
  • Precise geometry
  • Vibration effect
  • Full HD
  • Fully animated
  • All labels and marks

This Gazelle is also the first turbine helicopter with clutch effect and rotor brake working in FSX and P3D. These were features only available on the piston helicopter models, which makes it a breakthrough.

SA342 Gazelle for FSX and P3D - cockpit SA342 Gazelle for FSX and P3D - cockpit

The model being released now is the Gazelle but MP Design Studio will later release 3 other models in use with the Serbian military: the GAZELA, used for transport and SAR, the GAMA, which is the attack version and the scout version of this beautiful helicopter which is called HERA by the Serbs.

How long do we need to wait? Not a lot. According to MP Design Studio, they are just getting everything ready for release, which should happen in a few days. And whey it comes out, we'll sure let you know.

SA342 Gazelle for FSX and P3D SA342 Gazelle for FSX and P3D

About MP Design Studio

MP Design Studio is a small team of 2 elements: Milos Milutinovic ( pilot/programmer) and Predrag Filipovic (modeler/graphic designer). MP Design studio started in 2014 in Serbia and it's a team oriented towards helicopter development.