I confess: I LOVE Rotor Ops.

So much that I made a small video about it, which you can watch below and I contacted the developer with a few suggestions.

And he listened. Which is really cool!

The new update comes with a few of my suggestions and requests and, along with other improvements, makes this a great release.

RotorOps for DCS

Here’s the changelog:

  • New installer and updater
  • Multiplayer slots now with all DCS helicopters, any selection and quantity
  • Hot start option
  • Forces now unified
  • Selectable output directory
  • User created missions now available, with screenshots and rating system
  • Improvements to parking and player slots
  • Many UI improvements like statusbar text color, button hover state, wait cursor, etc.
  • Mission filters now active in menubar
  • Player loadouts miz that you can customize with loadout, liveries, and fuel levels to be the default for player helicopters

For mission designers:

  • New easy to use scenario config file for control over generator options
  • Script: Multiple staging areas now possible
  • Script: New lua predicate functions for player altitude and players in triggerzones
  • Script: new function tallyZone for adding attacking units to the battle at any time

If you are a DCS helicopter pilot and you haven’t tried it out yet, you’re really missing out. Head out to the official website and give it a try. It’s well worth it.