Cultured Talent Bell 407 mod for MSFS

Community development team RotorLegacy reached out to me to talk about their project: a modification for the default MSFS Bell 407 and building a GX on top of it!

The project started some time ago but, as usual with solo development – and some lack of documentation for the SDK – things have progressed slowly, but the team is “hoping to get the Garmins scripted for it” soon as he sent me some images of very early “WIP of the Bell 407GX”.

RotorLegacy has also been trying to get help on this project, mostly code-wise and/or from people that understand the development workflow of MSFS.

Cultured Talent Bell 407 mod for MSFS

Unfortunately, as it’s normal these days, it’s hard to get a developer that is good, reliable, and not busy. Those who check the quality and reliability checkboxes are usually working on projects already.

If you can help, though, reach out to them via their Discord Server.

Mods of default aircraft are nothing new and RotorLegacy is hoping the 407GX can be another milestone for the community – and an amazing helicopter for everyone passionate about rotor-wing aviation.