Get ready for some fun in the Southwest Alaska as you’ll find a series of challenges in a scenery developed specifically to take your virtual self and helicopter to the limit.

This scenery was developed so that X-Plane helicopter pilots could conduct ADS-33 exercises, with the help of the Pilots Flying Order Book, which gives you “step-by-step details on all the exercises available as well as additional information on the heliport operations, facilities and unique challenges”.

Official features list

  • Over 1450 Bespoke 3D Objects and HD Textures – Low Polygon count Optimised for VR Flying
  • 2.4 km2 of Custom Terrain and Objects
  • 4 Large Dispersals and 2 Runways located across the Heliport
  • Over 70 Dedicated Helipads
  • FREE Rotor Creek Flying Order Book
  • Challenging Obstacles and Objects to Operate to/ from including Confined Areas
  • Detailed Helipad Night Lighting
  • Real-World Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Training Facilities Developed in accordance with ADS-33