FlightSimExpo 2023

What an event. FlightSimExpo is the place to go if you are looking for a flight simulation event, with lots of amazing stuff going on (inside and outside) but I will tell you a bit more soon™.

Right now, we have some amazing numbers by the organization and they have clearly shown how much the event matters.

Here’s the full press-release.

HOUSTON – June 26, 2023 – This past weekend, more than 1,900 flight simmers, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts gathered in Texas for the biggest-ever FlightSimExpo. Attendees from more than 30 countries joined 70+ exhibitors for an interactive, hands-on experience designed to showcase the power of home flight simulation for fun, pilot training, and to inspire the future generation of airline and military aviators.

FlightSimExpo kicked off with a series of product reveals on Friday, June 23 that included a new, voice-capable air traffic control system called “BeyondATC”, upcoming hardware from Thrustmaster and Honeycomb Aeronautical, a new Ford 4-AT Trimotor for Microsoft Flight Simulator—available free for the first week after the show—and much more! By video reveal, attendees found out about ‘Animals’ from SoFly, the pending release of the MSFS Accu-Sim Comanche 250 from A2A Simulations, and that iniBuilds’ next MSFS airliner will be the A300-600.

The exhibit hall, which was open on Saturday and Sunday, allowed attendees to try the latest in flight simulation hardware and software, including yokes, joysticks, virtual reality devices, GPS replicas, and even force feedback controls. Exhibit highlights included the VR Experience Center, VATSIM’s interactive pilot and ATC display, the to-scale A320 cockpit from SKALARKI electronics Ltd., iniBuilds’ immersive ‘dome’—which allowed attendees to step inside the A300-600 for the first time—and meet-and-greets at Thrustmaster’s booth with PMDG, Chewwy94, Cpt. Canada, Jeff Favignano, and many more.

Meanwhile, seminars took place across the three-day show featuring a range of community-presented content. Highlights from the weekend seminar series included a content creators’ panel discussion led by scrufytam, a home cockpit building workshop and Q&A hosted by’s Tony Wilko, and several ‘getting started’ seminars designed to help newcomers find their wings.

Although this year’s show is over, 30 high definition seminar recordings are available for everyone. Visit to see the full list of content available and to purchase instant access for just $15. The content will be available for on-demand viewing until July 31, and every purchase helps support the event in future years.

“Over the next few weeks, we look forward to connecting with attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and other developers from around the community to prepare for our next show,” says organizer Evan Reiter. “Please be on the lookout for surveys and meeting invitations in the coming days!”

About Flight Simulation Association

Flight Simulation Association is a community-driven organization of developers, simmers, and real-world pilots working to make it easier to get started in home flight simulation. Join the community today—free—at for resources, learning content, webinars, and discounts on top add-ons and simulation hardware. The association welcomed the community to FlightSimExpo on June 23-25, 2023 in Houston.