Propstrike Studio new website

The website will act as a platform for users to purchase their products, with Quatam River Airport to be released soon and Karl Høybye's (AKA HappyCamper) Allan/Burrows Island update available now for purchase (for only $5.00, folks).

Meanwhile, the team also released Machmell Fisheries (again, a update from a previous scenery by Karl) a beautiful, remote location in canada, some 20 miles away from Bella Coola, for free (yes, you read it right). It features:

  • Hand painted custom ground textures at a 10 cm/pixel resolution.
  • Highly accurate 3D vegetation including grass, shrubs, bushes and trees.
  • Dock for seaplane operations.
  • Hundreds of clutter objects in many variations.
  • Forest clearing with cabin and helipad.
  • Only uses custom made objects. No libraries needed.

The place is absolutely amazing and Propstrike's work is remarkable. These folks are raising the bar on scenery development for sure.