Project update: DMO S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane

DMO is working on the final stretch of their S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane and they are bringing us some new intel on the model.

DMO S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane

As the team moves near the release of the S-64 (no release date yet, folks – keep it cool; the team’s hard at work), we got access to some more exciting details and screenshot of this amazing beast of the skies.

Most of the work being done right now has to do with small details and improving the 3D model and the textures but DMO is already working on some of the scenery they promised to release to give us a better sense of purpose for the S-64.

We will have a ski resort, a remote firefighting helicopter base, a firefighting crew in need of assistance and a flatbed truck loaded with HVAC units near a tall building.

DMO S-64 Skycrane for X-PlaneDMO S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane

Aside from that, DMO has modified the water drop system (which they had working already – you can see a screenshot at the top of this article) to use the new particle system which is looking quite amazing! DMO mentions it as being “the pièce de résistance of this model”. I was dying to see a developer doing this and, now, DMO brings this to the giant of the aerial firefighting. Thank you!

DMO S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane

The particle system is also bringing the turbine and APU exhausts to life as well as any engine fires you might have.

DMO says the model is not too far away from being able to be fully tested. After that, I presume it’s a matter of time (and some debugging) until it can become a part of our virtual hangars.

Stay tuned, folks. This one should not be too far away!

DMO S-64 Skycrane for X-PlaneDMO S-64 Skycrane for X-Plane

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