Pro Flight Trainer PUMA 2021

And looking at the renders, there are a lot of differences between this new version of the kit and the last one. There’s a huge central, solid panel right behind the cyclic. The part that is used to stop the unit from moving (which you normally “attach” to a chair) seems to have a lot more room for adjustments.

The cyclic itself also seems to have an easier way to move back and forth, which hints that this new version will be a bit more customizable. And look at the collective assembly arm. I can see so many options there!

Speaking of collective, take a look at the new box as there are a few surprises there. It looks like we will have 2 push buttons, 2 switches (they have different colors so perhaps one of them will act as a “shift” like in the previous version) but then there also seems to be a third switch right under the 2 push buttons. And, of course, what seems to be 2 4-or-8-way hats!

Pro Flight Trainer PUMA 2021

That is quite an increase in the number of controls and options!

The throttle also looks different. Instead of foam it seems like it’s going to either be plastic or metal. It’s hard to say from the renders but, considering the texture, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be foam again.

As of now, Pro Flight Trainer does not want to provide any more information. They promised to give us more details very soon. Right now, they just wanted to give us a hint about what coming and, of course, they wanted the coolest community of all to get a heads up.

Thank you very much to PFT for the exclusive renders and I can’t wait for the rest of the information to come out!

Learn more about Pro Flight Trainer on their official website.

Are you taking another look at the PFT units? Considering getting one of these anytime soon? Let us know!

Pro Flight Trainer PUMA 2021