These tests are being performed by real helicopter pilots and are, as you will see, very thorough. The idea is to show how different helicopters and different sims act when compared to the real deal.

There are a few videos out already, covering both the defaut Bell 206 and the Dodosim Bell 206 for FSX but you can count on some other helicopters and other sims being covered as well. According to their list, they are planning to cover the following:

Planned tests:

  • FSX SE Robinson R22 Preinstalled
  • X-Plane Robinson R22 Preinstalled
  • X-Plane Dreamfoil R22 addon
  • X-Plane Dreamfoil B206 addon
  • DCS Black Shark preinstalled
  • Take on Helicopters preinstalled MD

Wish list:

  • Dreamfoil bell 407
  • Hovercontrol modified 412

Pro Flight Trainer not only has the videos available on their channel (you can see this specific series here) but they also have some nice data on their website. The list above was taken from there as it was the graphic below, which displays how well the Dodosim B206 manages to deliver.

Pro Flight Trainer Dodosim results

Quite a few years have passed on and the good old Dodo remains an amazing addon.