Pro Flight Trainer released configuration files for the PFT Puma for X-Plane

It just became easier to setup your Pro Flight Trainer Puma on X-Plane. PFT has released their configuration files along with a video explaining how to install and start configuring your kit.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane config - menu

It's not hard to do both (installing and setting up the Puma) at all and, in a few minutes, you'll get the same results as you can see on the image above. The downloads page at PFT (link below) has a video explaining what you need to do (for your convenience, we have added it here so that you can see how quick and easy it is).

Where to get the PFT Puma configuration files for X-Plane

Theoretically, X-Plane should bring it natively in one of the next updates. Until then, you can download them directly from Pro Flight Trainer.

Sérgio Costa

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