Pro Flight Trainer Puma X

After a few weeks of hiatus, Pro Flight Trainer is selling the Puma again. But now, you can get the new version. The 5th generation Puma X.

The new Puma was almost entirely rebuilt from scratch and it’s quite different from the old unit. It’s a bit more compact but also more customizable in the sense that you now have better control of the distance between you and the cyclic and you and the pedals, separately (which is a bless, really).

Pro Flight Trainer Puma X Pro Flight Trainer Puma X

The collective head comes with more buttons (hats, really) but you can still triple the number of buttons on all the unit as you could previously by means of the 3-position switch. This means that every button can have a different assignment for each position of the switch.

Something that is also new and quite amazing is the fact that you can now get a dual-throttle collective as an option and, of course, you can still order the toe brakes if you so wish to.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma X

I already have a unit to test and will speak my mind in a few days, after I put it to a few hours of use. But, considering the history I have with the PFT Puma (I have been using the 4th generation kit for over 3 years now), this should be quite a treat.

In case you missed one of our previous news , here’s the list of features:

  • PUMA X2 variant available as an option - twin engine/dual twist grip
  • TBM Toe Brake Modification Kit available as an option
  • Frame design ready for optional damper modification on Pedals and Collective axis
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum frame – industrial grade wrinkle texture powder coating for durable protection
  • Controls can be adjusted to ergonomically match your needs, with our all new “limitless choice of angle” system
  • Foldable cyclic for easy storage
  • All new electronics with high resolution and high accuracy hall sensors, developed inhouse
  • Maintenance friendly and customer accessible sensors for easy repair to guarantee 10 years+ usage.
  • All new Collective Box including 2x 4way hats, 2 toggle switches, 2 push-buttons, 3 zone toggle.
  • Inclined collective box and cyclic grip for ergonomically high fidelity position
  • Hats upgradable to function as 8-way
  • Hats and switches shape coded for perfect VR Integration
  • No need to leave the controls at anytime during VR sessions with 3 zones boosting over 30 assignable functions

If you’re interested in ordering one of these, head out to the Pro Flight Trainer website and do your thing!