Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane config - menu

This visual configuration is a much welcome addition as it allows the Pro Flight Trainer Puma users to configure their kit easier. Especially since the Puma has a switch that triples the amount of buttons (and the hat switch).

With this new feature, you'll be able to configure the standard axis (cyclic, collective, throttle and pedals), the grip and throttle buttons for all the switch positions (x3) and the grip hat switch for all switch positions as well.

The visual configuration tool allows for an easier configuration of your controls as you can see which buttons/axis you are setting up instead of trying to guess.

A surprise: toe brakes

If you look at the menu above (and the first image below), you will notice a surprise, though: a toe brake modification. Although this is not an official announcement from the company, we do need to remember this is an official feature, being worked by Pro Flight Trainer.

Looks like we'll see a toa brake modification sometime soon!

Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane config - toe brakes Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane config - hat switch Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane config - grip and throttle