Helicopters are not in Microsoft Flight Simulation and Nemeth Designs seems to be one step ahead.

On their Facebook page, Nemeth Designs stated the following: “As our focus shifted to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS2020) we issuing massive price drop on our entire product line released for the previous version. Check out the catalog for more details.”

And the prices did drop quite a bit! One of their latest releases, the Mi-35 for FSX and P3D is listed at $16.90. The most expensive helicopters were listed at $19.90 and that includes the Bell 407 and the Ka-32.

If you are looking for some great helicopters for FSX and P3D at a great price and you are not considering migrating to MSFS, this may be your chance. Head out to the Nemeth Designs website and check their catalog out.