The list is not that long, but it addresses a set of issues that have been plaguing the Gazelle. This is not the final fix as Polychop promises to continue working with the community and, eventually, deliver a whole new flight model to this bird.

For now, here’s what’s changed:

-Fixed not working sounds.

Sound code has been rewritten from scratch. Seeker tone, RWR, fuel pump, rotor blade slap and many more sounds now work as they should.

-Fixed duplicated controls entries.

This will serve as a clean base for any key binds added on request.

-Fixed RWR symbols.

RWR now shows correct symbology. This means that the Su-27, Mig-29, Su-33 and J-11 show up on the RWR scope as a 29 symbol for example.

-Added NVG capabilities to SA342L and SA342Mistral.

After a community poll showed there was a demand to gain night vision capability on the L and Mistral version, this feature has been added. This feature greatly enhances the usability of the module.

-Corrected Mistral missile.

By using the new more advanced missile script, we’ve created a base from which we will expand the mistral missile behavior. Sadly the proximity fuse function didn’t make it in the first patch. This has been a mistake from our side and will be rectified as soon as possible. The focus on this first iteration of the “new” missile has been to get the speed and range right.