Parallel 42 Flow for MSFS

“Say goodbye to the poorly designed default toolbar.”

That’s how Parallel 42 (boldly) starts describing their new product, called Flow.

In a nutshell, Flow is a menu wheel system that you can call on demand and it will be conveniently positioned under your mouse.

It’s fully customizable and you can completely replace the default menu bar if you so wish to (depending on the version you have – more on this in a minute).

Parallel 42 Flow for MSFS

You can replicate the whole default menu or create your own from scratch. Is there something you don’t use? Don’t add it to Flow. Is there something that you wish was more accessible but the default menu doesn’t have? Just add it.

Flow is offered in 3 versions: the regular one, which is free and is, obviously the more limited one – although you could get away with just using it, and then there are 2 paid tiers.

Parallel 42 Flow for MSFS

Essentials is the version that comes with a few pre-built widgets, autopilot, quick refueling, and some other nice, very handy modules and then we have the Pro version.

Pro builds on top of the previous versions and brings Flow to a new level, allowing us, the users, to create our own widgets/modules, integrates with Twitch, and a lot more.

Virtual Reality

No, it’s not VR-compatible yet. Parallel 42 is working on it. There are some issues/limitations/catches with Microsoft Flight Simulator that these guys need to overcome first.

You can get //42’s Flow at Orbx.