After the release of their True Earth Southern California scenery, some customers started asking ORBX about helipads. If you read our review, you’ll understand why. After all, we had high hopes for this region, but the fact that ORBX didn’t add a single helipad was very disappointing.

Customers started asking the company about precisely that on the ORBX forums and ORBX’s Tony Wroblewski informed us that “hard objects in X-Plane come at an expensive performance cost, so we don't make the objects hard-surfaced especially in such a crowded area.”.

Joe Hudson and myself pitched in in the conversation and, in that thread, Tony replied by saying that “there is an update on the way that will add helipads to lots of the downtown buildings and to fix some more problems, so the update should please a lot of helicopter pilots who were looking to do this type of flying.

We have no more information about which helipads are being included but ORBX seems to be listening and that’s a good thing.

There’s no indication of when the update shall be released as of now.