ORBX Innsbruck (LOWI) for X-Plane

The wait is over. ORBX has released this fantastic region with an extra twist for us, rotorheads. This is, definitely, one of those airports that we simply need to have.

Here’s the features list. You can also find more information and screenshots at the official page.

  • HD Airport, CityScene and Mini-Region all in one
  • Ultra-detailed rendition of LOWI
  • Complete CityScene for Innsbruck
  • Enormous 8200km2 mini-region
  • Three major heliports
  • Beautiful hand-corrected and coloured PR at 30cm/60cm/1m
  • Over 160 custom POI
  • Stunning custom vegetation and building autogen
  • Major bridges, freeway overpasses created as unique models
  • Completely customized GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to LOWI
  • Beautiful night lighting
  • Animated GSE
  • Ultra-HD mesh sampled from 10m DEM source
  • Complete TrueEarth style coverage for entire tile
  • Expertly optimized for best possible performance
  • Original version by Jarrad Marshall, brought to XP11 with the help of Vittorio Greco and Tony Wroblewski