ORBX released Germany North for FSX and P3D

ORBX released another one of their amazing sceneries: Germany North, covering over 180,000 square kilometers (over 70,653 square miles).

ORBX Germany North

The vast area covered goes across the Northern part of Germany that touches Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland. ORBX added a lot of geographical features to the scenery so you should expect a highly realistic background for all your flights in this part of the globe.

You will be able to fly over Berlin and see the differences between the 2 parts of the country that was torn apart during WWII.

Oh and rejoice, fellow helicopter pilots. There are some offshore windfarms with helipads, which means more fun for us!

If you are wondering about the name of the scenery as I was: yes, you should expect a Germany South scenery somewhere in the future.

ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North ORBX Germany North

ORBX Germany North Features

  • Superb ground textures from local sources
  • Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile
  • Custom autogen textures and objects
  • FTX Global 3D night lighting effects
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, alley trees
  • More than 90,000 individually placed and assigned powerline pylons
  • 386 airports have been upgraded or added
  • Custom models of hundreds of POIs, dams, lighthouses
  • Photoreal Cityscape Berlin “lite”
  • Photoreal mudflats, Hamburg port, Bremerhaven port, Duisburg Thyssenwerke, open pitmines
  • GEN mesh is compiled at 20-m grid spacing
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