ORBX Hollywood Burbank for P3Dv4+

Now and then, we have some good news. After we got a bit sad for not having helipads on True Earth Southern California, ORBX announced a scenery being worked on that will bring a few of these.

On the forum post above, you can read that “As well as the main airport, the scenery also includes several rooftop helipads, and most importantly, lite renditions of both Van Nuys and Whiteman general aviation airports.”

So, yes, it does have helipads!

ORBX Hollywood Burbank for P3Dv4+

Although there are no images of these yet, ORBX just confirmed the list of what the scenery will come with. A total of 6 helipads are being added:

  • NBCU Tower
  • Hilton Tower
  • Union Bank Tower
  • Warner Bros Tower
  • ABC Tower
  • Holiday Inn Burbank

ORBX Hollywood Burbank for P3Dv4+

The list of features is quite impressive, as usual, and ORBX is going the extra mile to bring us this piece of the US:

  • Complete ultra-HD rendition ofHollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR)
  • Custom modelling throughout, with complete PBR textures
  • 1400km2of extended cityscape scenery with complete SoCal vegetation types & building agn
  • Covers the entirety of the San Fernando Valleyarea of Los Angeles, as well as surrounding mountain ranges and Hollywood Hills
  • Beautiful hand-coloured and edited ground textures at 30cm & 1m resolution
  • Dozens of points of interest, including major film lots, Universal Studios, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and more
  • Unique GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Burbank - don't expect to see generic airside vehicles or unexpected aircraft types 
  • Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing
  • Optimized for use with default and well-known AI programs
  • Incredibly detailed landside approaches - all industrial buildings, parking lots and retail/fast-food areas modeled in full
  • High-resolution 10m DEM
  • All non-residential buildings as custom 3D models with unique roof textures
  • 2x Bonus Lite AirstripsKVNY Van Nuysand KWHP Whiteman
  • Several skyscraper helipads available for your rotary wing adventures
  • Implements start-of-the-art optimization techniquesto ensure best performance
  • Developed by Matteo Veneziani


  • Designed to work best with Global Base or Orbx SCA Southern California LC Region (or both!)
  • Completely compatible with OpenLC North America (requires Global or SCA in addition)
  • Completely compatible with Vector (requires Global or SCA in addition)

Date of released was not announced yet but, from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be too far away.

For more information and other screenshots, visit the official announcement.

ORBX Hollywood Burbank for P3Dv4+ ORBX Hollywood Burbank for P3Dv4+