ORBX announced LOWI for X-Plane – with heliports

The company is finally releasing the amazing scenery for Innsbruck, but with a few twists – including some goodies for our community.

ORBX LOWI Innsbruck for X-Plane

LOWI is coming to X-Plane, with a vengeance.

ORBX went the extra mile to further build on top of the work they already had done on the FSX/P3D version and expanded the scenery a bit more.

In this scenery we will find a region of around 8.000km2 (around 3,090 square miles), encompassing the core of the Austrian Alps and a quite a big area southern Bavaria.

But that’s not all. ORBX decided to add something for the helicopter community. Along with the airport, amazing cityscape and gorgeous mountain area, we will also find 3 heliports:

  • Hat Tux (Alpin 5) Heliport LOJT - Rescue heliport hidden deep in a valley south-west of Innsbruck. Perfect for exploring the further reaches of this scenery;
  • University Hospital (Uni Klinik) Heliport LOIU - rooftop hospital heliport in the heart of the city;
  • Flight Rescue Centre OAMTC Heliport LOJO - major Christophorus/Police heliport adjacent to the airport;

ORBX developer Jarrad Marshall (who is a confessed helicopter pilot), said that “the team added these heliports having the helicopter flight simulation community in mind”. He also added that “helicopters are one of the best ways for people to enjoy our work”.

Spot on.

There’s still no date of release or a price set yet but, meanwhile, we can take a look at the sick job ORBX and Jarrad did on this scenery.

For more information and screenshots, check out the ORBX official forums.

ORBX LOWI Innsbruck for X-PlaneORBX LOWI Innsbruck for X-PlaneORBX LOWI Innsbruck for X-PlaneORBX LOWI Innsbruck for X-Plane

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