Nimbus Simulation is developing a Huey for X-Plane

Some helicopters are classics that have to make their appearance in every single sim out there. That's why we most certainly need a Huey for X-Plane.

And now we're getting it!

Nimbus Simulation Studios UH-1D

Nimbus had already teased us on their Facebook page a few days ago when they posted a screenshot showing only the rotorhead of the model. Now we have a confirmation: the Huey is arriving to X-Plane.

We know it's going to be a D model and Nimbus, although not experienced in helicopters, is committed to bring us a good simulation of this beloved helicopter. This is an enormous responsibility -- guys, it's THE HUEY -- and they are very much aware of this.

Nimbus is well-know for their scenery work and the great Aero Commander. The Huey is their first helicopter project.

Not a lot of details were provided yet but we should probably expect a simple first version and perhaps some updates with any other goodies fixes and perhaps other versions as well. It will all depend on the acceptance of the model.

One thing's for sure: if Nimbus get it right, we will finally have the icon of helicopters in X-Plane. And Nimbus will have quite a best-seller on their hands.

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Nimbus Simulation Studios UH-1D Nimbus Simulation Studios UH-1D Nimbus Simulation Studios UH-1D

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