New release: Kourou Space Center for X-Plane

Space centers are those kinds of places where your imagination soars and you get to see amazing giants being pushed out to outter space. Or just fly around in a helicopter!

Kourou Space Center for X-Plane

The good folks over at XPFR have the Kourou Space Center now available for X-Plane, for free.

The place is filled with helipads (8 of them) and the whole space center is very nicely modeled. This is one of those little gems that can help you make X-Plane more interesting, not just because of the landscape but also because you get a special area to fly interesting missions at: parts transportation, astronauts of VIP ferrying, law enforcement, etc..

A piece of advice: do read the manual/readme included as there are a couple of tips there that you might want to know about.

Here’s the official description:

European space gateway, the Guiana Space Center (CSG) is covering a vast zone about 40 km on 10. It is located in South America, mainly on the French Guiana KOUROU and SINNAMARY municipalities. 3 launchpads are in activity for the ARIANE 5, VEGA and SOYOUZ launchers. Works for Ariane 6 launchpads are on their way.

The small airport of Kourou (SOOK) is located nearby the CNES and ESA facilities.

This airport does not have any navaids.

Please, have a visit to the "Iles du Salut". The former French penal colony.

A good place to stay for holidays !!!

Kourou Space Center for X-Plane Kourou Space Center for X-Plane Kourou Space Center for X-Plane Kourou Space Center for X-Plane Kourou Space Center for X-Plane Kourou Space Center for X-Plane

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Terrain type Urban
Helipads Yes
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