The collective started as a hobby project and all done in 3D printed parts but quickly evolved and the result is now an actual product, made out of aluminum, CNC engraved methacrylate (a polymer), and, yes, some 3D parts as well.

Dragonfly Controls CollectiveDragonfly Controls Collective

Dragonfly Controls has indicated that they are using electronics from TLN Elettronica, namely boards specific for simulation, with 12 bits of resolution and hall sensors. No drivers are required, and all sims will recognize the unit and all its buttons and axis.

Official features list

  • Twist throttle
  • 2 x three-position momentary switch
  • 2 x two position fixed switch
  • 1 x 4-way switch
  • 1 x rotary encoder
  • 1 x rotary potentiometer
  • Collective input 40-degree angular displacement
  • Friction control on collective input and throttle

The price for the unit, at the time this article was released, is 279EUR + shipping (from Spain).

Dragonfly Controls doesn’t have a website yet but you can contact them via their Facebook page or by email.

Dragonfly Controls CollectiveDragonfly Controls Collective