PropStrike Studio - Quatam River Airport

PropStrike Studios may be a new team but the two folks that are part of it are not newbies.

Karl Høybye is the World Editor developer and occasional object designer with previous payware design experience. He is from Denmark and studies Game Design there. He knows his way around the systems and formats of X-Plane to give the user the most impressive and fun experience. He is also the team's helicopter fanatic which ensures that the rotor heads aren't left empty-handed when flying in our sceneries. Does his name ring a bell? It should. He's the author of the very cool Allan & Burrows Scenery (we REALLY should review it soon -- our bad).

Luciano Pommella is a 3D surfacing supervisor for the CG industry in Vancouver and approached Karl after buying the before-mentioned Allan & Burrows scenery. Luciano saw the potential in Karl's locations and being from BC it was the perfect match as Karl wanted to develop more bush strips. "I always felt the lack of off-airport locations in X-Plane that weren't just Lego builds with a regular grass out of the box X-Plane grass strip. We can make something really cool."

About the Quatam River Airport scenery

Quatam River airport is a small dirt airstrip located deep in the beautiful BC mountains. The airport serves logging operation for the surrounding area and we focus on creating a lively scenery that focuses on the airports use. Surrounding the airports are tall mountains and a twisting river with a wildlife like nowhere else.

One important thing when building an area is to create the sensation the region is active and not an abandoned place with empty houses.

PropStrike's working with a Dynamic Prop System, wherein certain days or even hours of the day you might find vehicles machinery or even wildlife in places they were not present the day before.

For the regular flyer of the region, it will be almost part of your daily routine to watch for runway obstructions and make sure you take the best approach to overcome eventual unexpected situations.

The Quatam river airport is part of a conglomerate of logging operations in British Columbia, near the Campbel River area. Logging in the region is an important part of the local economy and we try to capture the soul of this place combining game design and realism to bring the best possible experience for the X-Plane pilot, whether you fly fixed wing or want to take part on the operations with your rotor blades, there are enough challenges for everyone in this beautiful scenery.

Features included but not limited to:

  • High-resolution custom painted ground textures for the airport.
  • Custom high-resolution mesh for the surrounding area built on Alpilotx's new HD Mesh V4
  • Several off-airport landing spots for bush pilots and helipads for the helicopter pilots.
  • Developed with VR in mind.
  • New ways to represent the surrounding area with high-resolution ground textures.
  • Many custom objects and a big focus on clutter and filling not only the airport but the surrounding area.
  • Dynamic prop system e.g. One day there will be a camp on a gravel bar in the river set up by people in canoes and the next day they will be gone. This adds to the realism and variation.

The screenshots are nothing short of amazing. I'm eager to see what else this new team will bring to our sim.

Date of release is yet to be determined.

PropStrike Studio - Quatam River Airport PropStrike Studio - Quatam River Airport PropStrike Studio - Quatam River Airport PropStrike Studio - Quatam River Airport

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