New custom DCS Server dedicated to SAR

Have you ever wanted to play SAR but actually make it count somehow? We have some good news for you. A team that calls itself “Multiplayer team” released the alpha version of a server that allows ou to do just that.

On the announcement posted at the DCS forums, the team provided a quick look at what we can expect.

They are using their own code and the goal is to store everything that happens in a database so that the system knows what you did, how many patients are in the hospital, etc.

New custom DCS Server dedicated to SAR

Here’s the briefing you will find as you enter the server:

Welcome to the SAR-Server

This Server is all about SAR. You will find a set of available missions you can fly. Fly to the SAR missions and either hover above them or land next to them to pickup stranded/injured people. This region have too many lost people for some reason and you are here to save them all..

If the missions are in a forest or between high houses, you can adjust the length of your rope via F10 Radio Menu.

Everything you do is stored in a database. Your flight time will accumulate over time and we will always know how many Units you have rescued.

Hospitals have a limited capacity. Some are bigger than others, and some may be quite small. If there is no capacity left, you'll have to fly a transport mission and bring Units to a bigger hospital.

Helicopters are stripped from all additional armor and IR exhaust suppressors.

This server is in alpha state. Your feedback is very welcome!

According to the team, “weight of picked up passengers is instantly added to airframe, take that into account in mountain regions and be careful. We are working on gameplay calculations as well: difficulty of the missions, distance, etc.

Here are the details for the sever:

Server name: Search And Rescue Server