Flicontech line of products

Based in Lithuania, FC Technologies, or Flicontech has arrived and it’s bringing its first line of products, all based around its first joystick.

Flicontech EVO Grip Mk1

There are 5 products, the EVO Base, EVO Grip, a desk mount, a universal adapter, and their USB cable. All of this can also be bought as a bundle, for 100 Euros less than if you would buy it separately: 399EUR instead of 499,90EUR.

Flicontech promises durable construction through the use of “aviation-grade aluminum components” and high precision.

Flicontech EVO Base Mk1

The joystick base also allows for the exchange of springs and cams, which can make the units interesting for helicopter pilots, which I hope to check out in the future.

Take a look at the Flicontech website and check out this new company and their just-released line of products.