MSK Production Alouette III for FSX/P3D

The Alouette III is a small beast. A workhorse that's been through a lot and have seen a lot. It's being in use at the Portuguese Air Force for 50 years and it's still to be replaced.

It has been used in recon missions, sanitary evacuations, troop insert or extraction and even as a gunship platform.

MSK Production has been hard at work on this project for quite some time (for about 3 years now) so this is not exactly a new project. What's new, though -- at least we just heard of it -- is that they are expanding their offer to cover X-Plane as well. It's rare to see developers going the extra mile to offer their products on both platforms and we welcome this move from MSK.

MSK Production Alouette III for FSX/P3D

Please note that the screenshots presented here are for P3D. There might be some time until we have information on the X-Plane version.

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